notations for OpenPGP signatures


aim of this website

The motivation to create this site is to promote the uniform usage of signature notations and provide a namespace for them. Furthermore popular notations from other namespaces shall be documented here.

If you have an idea for a new uniform notation then you can submit it here. If a notation turns out to be widely used then it might be suggested for the official uniform namespace, the IETF namespace.

What are the requirements for a key useful to others?

Meaning of signatures

To know the purpose limits of a key is not enough. You have to know what a certain signature is supposed to state about the signed data. This may range from as little as a timestamp to as much as a legal commitment.

What are the requirements for a key certification useful to others?

How is this to be achieved?

The OpenPGP standard provides all that is necessary: All these pieces of information can be put in certification notations. What we need are standards for expressing this information: human readable in the beginning, machine readable after official (IETF) standardization so that really usable trust models can be built on top of this by OpenPGP applications.

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